Thursday, August 11, 2022

Eleven years of Word on the Streep!

This is a day late, but I didn't want to forget to commemorate the yearly anniversary of this blog! It's hard to believe we're a year into the second decade of weekly postings about Meryl. Sometimes I surprise even myself with how much I come up with to actually write about her. Her work continues to be a wonderful well of fascination and enjoyment. Despite this being a bit of a "quiet" spell for her (let's not get our panties in a bind...we all know she takes breaks), I've found it rewarding to have the opportunity to speculate on what could've been with my latest iteration of a recasting project. We have The Extrapolations to look forward to in a few months, and you know that big project is somewhere around the corner just waiting to be announced. 

Thanks to any and all readers and commenters. It's been a joy interacting with you on this forum. I hope you're enjoying the content and look forward to your continued participation.



  1. Thanks Jeff for all of your hard work. I always enjoy this site- Jamie

  2. Best Meryl site on the Web, you do a wonderful job Jeff, even in "quiet" times! 😅

    Especially enjoying the "reimaginings"!

  3. Τhanks. Thanks. Thanks.

  4. So enjoy your posts. Thank you , thank you!!

  5. I really want Meryl to get 4th oscar. Hopefully it will happen in five years. Of course, winning an award is not that important for Meryl to be recognized as GOAT, but I want her to be in an incomparable level haha.

    1. She already is at an incomparable level! But yes, it's always fun seeing her get recognized. I agree!