Monday, July 12, 2021

No "Babylon" for Streep

Well, after more than a year of speculation that Meryl might be cast in a supporting role in Damien Chazelle's upcoming drama, Babylon, it was revealed today that Jean Smart has taken the role: 

They do not name the character, but describe her as a "journalist-critic who can make or break careers."  That's basically the role of Elinor Glyn. I have a feeling they changed the name, and that she may no longer be British. From what I understand, they changed several of the characters to only be similar to real life characters like Clara Bow and Anna May Wong, not the actual people. 

This news, coming not long after it was revealed that Patti LuPone likely took the role Meryl was rumored for in the Ari Aster film, leaves us Streepers with only Places, Please to look forward to. It was supposed to begin filming this summer, but we've heard nothing about it since it's original announcement several months ago. For wall we know, they could already be filming. Hopefully we'll get some casting news on that soon. 


  1. Honestly, I am loving Jean Smart so I am not that upset! Really clinging to Places, Please! I need some Meryl even if it is not with great, audacious directorial choices! Also hoping for a return to streaming TV or HBO with a role with something to chew on!

    1. I really like Jean Smart too! LOVED her in Mare of Eastown.

    2. Watch Hacks if you have not already! Her performance is my fave comedic of the year.

  2. Yeah, Smart is having the time of her life. She was my favorite supporting player in MARE until Julianne Nicholson's last episode- she will win and Smart will win for Hacks. She has never been Oscar nominated, so maybe Babylon will get her that.Funny, Smart and Streep had brief scenes in Hope Springs.