Wednesday, February 3, 2021

No Golden Globe nom for Streep

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced its nominees for film and television this morning. It was almost an afterthought that Meryl would receive nomination for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for her performance in The Prom. Multiple sources were even predicting a possible double nom in the category, with her other lead role from Let Them All Talk. I didn't expect two to happen, but it wasn't a wild possibility--she was nominated twice for 2008's Doubt and Mamma Mia!, and again the next year for Julie & Julia and It's Complicated (both of these last two in the same category of Musical or Comedy). A nomination this year would have broken her own record of 32 Golden Globe nominations (33 if you count her honorary Cecil B. DeMille award). 

Alas, Streep came away with a rare Golden Globe snub. It actually is a pretty shocking omission. Among the deserving nominees (Maria Bakalova--Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Kate Hudson--Music, Michelle Pfeiffer--French Exit, Rosamund Pike--I Care a Lot, and Anya Taylor-Joy--Emma), I think most people were surprised to see Hudson (in a film directed by Sia) and Pike's names among the list. Neither's films have been seen by wide audiences yet, so perhaps when they come out in the coming weeks, we'll see why they made it in over Meryl. It's further disappointing that none of these films are true musicals, as was The Prom. 

It's not a completely unprecedented scenario for Streep. Five years ago, she missed all major award nominations for her role in Jonathan Demme's Ricky and the Flash. Generally anytime Meryl's in a lead in a comedy, it seems a slam dunk for her to get in with the Globes. Not that year, and unfortunately, not this year either. What's even stranger is that The Prom was nominated for Best Film Musical or Comedy, AND James Corden was nominated for Actor in a Musical or Comedy. I don't think there has ever been a time that a Streep-led film was nominated but SHE wasn't. Super weird.

What's perhaps more glaringly brow-raising is that all four films whose ensembles mainly consisted of black actors were snubbed in Best Film categories. While Regina King scored a nom for directing One Night in Miami, the film itself was not nominated. Nor was Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Judas and the Black Messiah, or Spike Lee's Da Five Bloods (the last of which was shut out of ALL nominations). 

There are so many snubs and nice inclusions to discuss, but it's too early to process and break everything down quite yet. Suffice to say I was happy with the love for The Crown, Schitt's Creek, and female directors in film. I guess if there were ever a year where it might be a bit easier to stomach Meryl having to sit out, it's a year where likely none of the awards shows are going to include nominees in the actual audience. The Emmys didn't suck, but it's definitely very different from what we can usually expect...especially at the Golden Globes, where Tina Fey and Amy Poheler and scheduled to host a virtual ceremony on February 28.  

The full list of nominees can be found here


  1. You should check the reviews of that Music film, so rotten and literally no one has seen it!? How???

    1. Oh man. It's at 29%?? Even more perplexing that Meryl didn't make it in. It's like they're trying to be edgy by choosing something less obvious. It's bigger news that Meryl didn't make it in.

    2. Perhaps you've hit the nail there Jeff, Meryl being shut out makes more press than her receiving a very deserved nomination.

      What's terribly annoying is that a large part of the criticism for the movie, which dragged it to the 50s on RT, was James Corden. Whilst I thought he wasn't awful, Meryl knocked his performance into a capped hat, yet he gets nominated for acting which many critics loathed?!

      Very disappointing, especially since she carried the movie and, as you pointed out, its a musical comedy where she's seldom sounded better!

      Had it not been for Maria Bakalova from Borat going lead, I actually thought Meryl could well have won, so good she was. I agree too about Ricki, where she got excellent notices (and learned guitar!) although that wasn't as egregious as this snub due to the higher calibre of competition that year (Dame Maggie, Lily Tomlin).

      Will be very glad to see Catherine O'Hara win though. She's terrific. Not surprised that Glenn got a nod, maybe still a small chance for an Oscar nomination too?

    3. Yep, several factors affecting Meryl getting in. Bakalova will absolutely be entered in the supporting category at Oscar.

      I think Glenn has a great chance for a nom, but I really don't want her to win for Hillbilly Elegy.

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  2. As horrifying as the snub was (I mean come on, HFPA!) I am choosing to think it helps her next season with Don't Look Up in a supporting play (the role and its contents seem ripe for attention), because she will be "overdue" as much as she ever could be!). I can see "The Prom" surprising with a SAG ensemble nomination tomorrow, but I am not predicting it!

    1. I couldn't agree more, Darcy, regarding future mentions for Streep. If she's perceived as "snubbed," it's more likely to see her rewarded in the near future. Don't Look Up might end up being a good example of that.

      I wouldn't be overwhelmingly shocked if The Prom got a SAG ensemble nod, but I'm def not predicting it either. How funny would it be if Meryl got a nod for that or Let Them All Talk tomorrow? Or more likely (but still not "likely"), Candice Bergen in supporting. I could see that being a SAG-like thing.

  3. hi Jeff. sorry out of topic. do you think Meryl stands a chance for Grammy win for Best Spoken Album this year? strangely i feel like she could win this time even though i have no clue know how she and other 4 other nominees fare in that category. probably because it's not a major category but I just hope she wins so she could close the EGOT gap.

    1. I'm sure she stands a chance, but I suspect her nomination is a bit of a filler. It's tough for me to predict nominations like these, as I don't pay attention to past winners. But I'd imagine Ronan Farrow or Rachel Maddow are more favored.