Monday, August 31, 2020

New set photo from "The Prom"

Director Ryan Murphy posted a pic to Instagram today showing the cast for his upcoming adaptation of the Broadway musical, The Prom.

A lot of outlets are suggesting that Meryl is completely unrecognizable with her red hair. I'm not sure that's true, but she does look unlike the vast majority of her characters. I sort of consider the look a cross between Topsy and Miranda Priestly. 

Murphy praised the cast for having the gumption to complete the film's last bits amid the Covid crisis. But we know that there really wasn't much for the cast to do, the remaining footage was basically "second unit," per Murphy. 

We can expect the movie to hit Netflix around Christmas. 


  1. She looks absolutely terrific! Kudos to Roy (again) for collaborating on another great look.

    I can totally see what you mean re: Miranda/Topsy.

  2. Love the look and can’t wait for the film.