Sunday, January 26, 2020

Kevin Chamberlin joins "The Prom"

Multiple sources are reporting that three-time Tony Award nominee Kevin Chamberlin has joined the cast of The Prom. Chamberlin will portray publicist Sheldon Saperstein, a role which had originally been reported as being filled by Awkwafina.

I had thought recently about Awkwafina's participation int he film, as with all her publicity this awards season for her work in The Farewell, I've not heard her talk about The Prom. Her name hadn't been on the IMDb page, so not surprising that she's ultimately not in the movie after all.

Filming is currently underway, with Ryan Murphy directing. A fall 2020 release is expected on Netflix.


  1. Really hope this is good! What do you think are the chances of this getting a limited theatre release like "The Laundromat"?

    1. I think it's a little hard to say. A lot of Murphy's projects recently have been well-received, but I could also see this being really campy sanctimonious, and being criticized for that.

      I do expect it to get a limited theater release though, to be eligible for film awards.

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