Friday, May 10, 2019

New trailer for season 2 of "Big Little Lies"

HBO has released a second, full trailer for the upcoming season of Big Little Lies:

This trailer is juicier and showcases how on edge the "Monterey Five" are following Perry's death. A detective is on the case, and more importantly of course Meryl's character is particularly skeptical of how everything went down. She gets a little prickly with Nicole Kidman and I like how she sneers "You left that out, too." We don't know where Mary Louise is getting her info (maybe the detective), but it makes for good drama. 

Can't wait for when this returns on June 9!


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  2. I loved the sneer too, and the flabbergasted/disbelieving/repulsed delivery!

    Really glad Meryl decided to take part (from what I can see so far), I really hope it brings a fresh turn and new audience to her - just like Adaption/The Hours helped revitalise her career in 2002 then The Devil Wears Prada gave her a whole new edge in 2006!

    I feel since she won the Oscar for The Iron Lady in 2012 a number of critics and commentators have been possibly taking her a bit for granted. Either simply expecting (then undervaluing) another fantastic performance (August: Osage County, Into The Woods..) or sneering at some of her movie choices (Ricki And The Flash, Mamma Mia 2..). Also, I think because she was brave enough and willing to take an active stance in current affairs she has attracted a lot of negative comment from certain media sections and internet trolls.

    Now is time to shake it up again and show everyone why she's the absolutely best at what she does! :)

  3. Yes to the new audiences! These days that's always in the back of mind. Not only do I want to see Meryl perform in interesting roles, I love when it attracts new viewers and also continues to make her marketable. That only ensures future good roles and consideration. I imagine that a lot of people automatically assume that Meryl, having essentially reached something of icon status at this point, just has a slew of roles lined up one after another. Granted, she's often the first one called when there's a role that could fit her, but she's not getting any younger and the good roles for all women in her demographic are only going to become more coveted.

  4. Jeff, do you have any info on the Scorsese project now in post production which stars Meryl
    and Sharon Stone.

    1. I do not, unfortunately. Someone else asked about it a couple months ago and there has been nothing since it was revealed by Stone. As I likely said in that response, my overwhelming suspicion is that the project is not a narrative feature, in that Meryl's involvement is not as a character. Possible career retrospective for Robert DeNiro.

  5. So excited for Big Little Liars!

  6. Exciting! Will you be doing weekly reviews for BLL? I hope so!