Wednesday, January 2, 2019

"Big Little Lies" coming in June?(!)

So, only a day after I posted my expectation for season two of Big Little Lies being released around March, we now have Nicole Kidman quoted as saying she thinks it's not coming out until June.

June? JUNE?! That's so far away! And it would surprise me that they would chose to release it essentially eleven months before the 2019-20 Emmy deadline. The only reason I can think for this would be to avoid matchups against other high-profile shows or actors. Game of Thrones, in its last season, is probably going to be a huge contender. But I doubt if season three of The Crown is going to be ready before May 31 this year, so if BLL doesn't come out until after that, then the two will go head-to-head, with Olivia Colman likely leading the race in Lead Actress in a Drama. 

Of course it's not a done deal, as HBO is mum on the official date. The sooner the better, please!

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