Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Accents Mastered updated

Wow! It's been over two and half years since I've updated this tag. I didn't really see the need to list anything for Meryl's performance in The Post. If you happen to think she donned a certain accent to portray Katharine Graham, let me know.

Streep's role in Mary Poppins Returns certainly warrants a post, however. Given that we really don't know for sure where Topsy is supposed to be from, I can't with confidence say exactly what accent Meryl is doing in the film. But, Topsy's full name looks Russian and the accent sounded vaguely Russian (or something Eastern European), so that's what I'm going with. Again, if anyone hears something more specific in her speech, let's hear it.

The updated list is as follows:

The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1979)--Tennessean
The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981)--British (specifically Received Pronunciation)
Sophie's Choice (1982)--Polish (in English and German)
Silkwood (1983)--Texan
Plenty (1985)--British (I think it's also RP)
Out of Africa (1985)--Danish
Ironweed (1987)--Irish-American
A Cry in the Dark (1988)--New Zealand (with strong layers of Australian)
The Bridges of Madison County (1995)--Italian (Meryl calls it Iowatalian)
Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)--Northern Irish
Angels in America (2003)--Yiddish and Bronx (in separate roles)
Prime (2005)--Manhattan (specifically Upper West Side)
A Prairie Home Companion (2006)--Upper Midwestern
Doubt (2008)--Bronx
Julie & Julia (2009)--Boston Brahmin
The Iron Lady (2011)--British (again RP)
August: Osage County (2013)--Oklahoman
The Homesman (2014)--Central Plains Midwestern
Suffragette (2015)--British (Received Pronunciation)
Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)--Mid-Atlantic
Mary Poppins Returns (2018)--vaguely Russian

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