Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Poll #7: Will Meryl ever win another Oscar?

For poll #7, I've gone a little bit different route. I'm asking whether readers think Meryl will ever win another Oscar. Everyone has an opinion on this, I'm sure. Off to the right you'll see the options I've provided for the poll.  One could may simply want to answer yes or no, but it's more fun to get as specific as possible in our predictions. 

I'll be the first to vote and say that yes, I think she will win another Oscar. My guess is that it'll happen sometime in her 70s or early 80s, as a sort of Katharine Hepburn in On Golden Pond moment. The older she gets, the less likely it'll be a win for a lead role, in my opinion. So with that in mind, I think the safest bet would be for a biopic. My preference of course would be in a book adaptation or original screenplay, but I'm just going off of what I think is the likeliest. 

I'm interested to see people's choices!


  1. I would tend to agree about Meryl's next win being for a biopic, but my mind keeps going back to Greta's screenplay that she's reportedly writing for Meryl, I feel potential there...

    1. I imagine there’s potential there as well, I just think it would be too soon, unless the role/performance were absolutely undeniable.

  2. there's always a chance for Meryl to get another Oscar or just another nomination. She's the queen of Oscar, the Academy loves her and there's always great script ready to challange her talents more and more.