Saturday, August 6, 2016

Streep talks "Florence Foster Jenkins" on Reel Pieces

With Florence Foster Jenkins set to make its U.S. debut in under a week, we're seeing a lot of Meryl for promotional purposes.  Earlier this week, she and her castmates Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg joined moderator Annette Insdorf for a conversation about the film.

I don't really have much to say about it.  It's a fairly long interview, and I sometimes feel bad that all the questions from the audience almost always seem to be directed only to Meryl.  But of course if I were allowed a question it wouldn't be for either of the men.  Glad to hear also that Meryl says she can't resist opportunities as they come and implies that she'll continued to do so because she loves her work.  She's also up for a run on stage.  I know that will please many readers.

Happy Olympics!


  1. Anyone else get the sense that Hugh and Meryl do *not* get along? I've seen it a few interviews now, but there appears to be reaaaaal tension.

    1. I actually think the sort of cross interactions they have is because they respect each other. In general I get the sense that Grant doesn't like many people, and having worked with Meryl, is glad that he likes her. I doubt he'd go anywhere near a "dig" or insult if he truly were not a fan of hers. I got a sense of familiarity and camaraderie.

  2. I did get the 'tension' one point, Meryl joked about Hugh getting more takes than the rest (not sure if it was Hugh who wanted more takes or perhaps Stephen Frears insisted he did). Then Hugh later sniped at Meryl saying he used to watch Meryl's movies in some theatre/cinema - suggesting she's too old to be his wife in the movie. But like Jeff said, it could be all in the name of friendly banter. David

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this great interview. What a great interviewer too.