Monday, February 23, 2015

Meryl at the Oscars

As expected, Patricia Arquette took home the gold last night in Meryl's category.  There's already an abundance of gifs of Meryl's reaction to Arquette's acceptance speech where she trumpets the need for equal pay for women.

J Lo seems to be in agreement.  You can see that Meryl opted for a jacket ensemble which I happened to think looked rather chic on the red carpet.

Love the velvet, Mer.  She also did a nice job presenting the "In Memoriam" segment.  Couple of notes from the ceremony:  Neil Patrick Harris did a fine job, but I really didn't find most of his bits very funny, particularly his "predictions."  I was actually kind of bored most of the ceremony, but enjoyed that many of the acceptance speeches went beyond thanking agents, managers and studios.  Some may disagree, but I prefer when winners are able to provide some insight into how the award goes beyond their own efforts or achievement, and how film can be a great medium for social awareness. 

Bring on the new season!


  1. So, so dull, Pleased for Julianne though. Meryl should have taken the opportunity to show off her slim figure more and should have had her hair down but still a nice job. You can tell the years she doesn't stand a chance of winning as she dresses less traditionally. Haha

    Also, I like JLo but having her sitting next to Meryl when her sole serious acting nomination was a 1997 Golden Globe is kinda amusing. Glad this season is over and looking forward to a final total for Into The Woods, then move forward..

  2. For the first time in three years, I didn't fall asleep (I'm old) before the end, even though the program went 40 minutes over. I found Neil Patrick Harris to be refreshing. I was shocked when reading reviews today to hear how so many people found him "off". Some of the things, I believe, were meant to be "off". The two best lines: Jared Leto saying "The nominees are 4 actresses and, because of California state law, Meryl Streep."; NPH saying if you want to know how to say "Benedict Cumberbatch", get John Travolta to pronounce "Ben Affleck". I roared. NPH... best host since Billy Crystal.

  3. Just watched some more TV programs about the Oscars. Even though those shows continue to complain about NPH's mispronunciations, it made me realise he was trying to be sincere. Oyelowo... the TV program showed NPH saying the name and then countered with Oyelowo giving his name its true Nigerian pronunciation. NPH was closer to the Nigerian pronunciation than what the bloggers and entertainment media are wanting him to have said. If Charlize Theron had been nominated, and if NPH had pronounced her name correctly (more a "thrown" than a "therron", would there be these complaints? Or is it because of the other issues clouding these Oscars? As for Ejiofor's name, was that not part of the build-up for his predictions outcome? Or did I misunderstand that whole schtick? I still say, "Bring NPH back. He was great!"

  4. Eugh I can't believe that tosser Jared Leto said that.

    1. Yeah, I know he meant to be funny, but it actually kind of came off as a bit of a jab.

  5. Meryl looked great. She was having fun.