Monday, May 7, 2012

"August: Osage County" casting speculation

Son of a bitch.  I was just about to publish a long blog post when I was made aware of some possible news regarding the casting of August: Osage County.  Keeping the integrity of this blog in mind, I felt compelled to comment on it.

It's been tweeted by some chick that the cast listing was going to be officially announced on May 29.   It may very well be, as that would be just after Cannes wraps up.  The twitter account has apparently already been deleted, which makes me think it's bogus.  Regardless, there are some intriguing names included in the "spoiler."  Among the actors listed were Renée Zellwegger, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Olivia Williams (I had to look her up), Hailee Steinfield, Jeremy Renner, Albert Finney, Dennis Quaid, Frank Langella and Dianne Wiest.

Wiest is the most interesting to me, and would undoubtedly be playing Mattie Fae.  All of these names are rather great choices and I can't say that I would be surprised by any of them, but it's not as if a reasonably informed person couldn't come up with another list just as good.  Time will only tell if the source is legitimate.  Frankly, I'm just so jazzed that Meryl is going to be part of this film that I'm okay waiting a bit for an official press release on the entire cast.  But yes, it's always fun to speculate and have buzz around projects that involve Meryl.  The film awards nerds are watching, @LindaFort1, and they'll be ready to pounce if you're bullshit.  Stay tuned, Streepers.  Tomorrow I'll post my latest "shoulda coulda woulda."  It's a goodin'. 

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