Friday, April 20, 2012

"Hope Springs" production stills

I'll jump on the bandwagon this week and add some photos that have been released from Hope Springs.   It's the first glimpse we see of Steve Carell in his role as marriage counselor to Meryl and Tommy Lee Jones.   There's been some buzz about the suggestive photos of Meryl with the bananas.  Rather uninteresting.  As I've suggested before, I expect this film to be a typical, fairly well-written, romantic dramedy.  The acting will be superb no doubt, but I'm not lactating with suspense. Any film from Meryl is fun news, but I'm probably spoiled after this awards season and my weird anticipation of August: Osage County.   Here are the pics:


 We can expect a trailer within the next month I would think?

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  1. Well if you're not lactating with suspense, why ARE you lactating?