Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Episode 8 of "Only Murders in the Building"

Well, I think it was worth the three-week wait to see Loretta back on screen in the latest episode of season three of Only Murders in the Building. Spoilers ahead. 

Meryl's character is heavily featured in last night's episode. They waste little time in revealing how Dickie (the murder victim's brother) is actually Loretta's biological son. She had given him up for adoption to pursue a career in theater and she's now found a way to get closer to him by participating in Oliver's musical. A few weeks ago, Oliver had found in Loretta's apartment what he thought was a sort of stalker-like collection of photos of Paul Rudd's dead character, Ben Glenroy. As it turns out, at closer look all the photos include Dickie in the background, and that's why she was collecting them. 

I think it was a pretty funny episode, on top of the even more complicated scenario we now understand Loretta to be in. This really is a great role for any actor. It's certainly not lost on me that if it's a great role for anyone, it's an especially great role for someone of Meryl's generation. While it's against a backdrop of humor and a bit of farce, it's a character that has to be going through a slew of tricky emotions. Loretta has a long-lost son whom she gave up to pursue a (at the time) promising acting career. She's dealt with the disappointments of that career not living up to expectations. Now she's not only won a good role, but she's doubly triumphant because it gets her closer to her biological child. That child is under suspicion for killing his own brother and Loretta has now confessed to the murder of said brother in order to spare her child going to jail (although we don't know for absolute sure if Loretta is actually not the killer). To top it all off, Oliver confesses his love to Loretta near the end! What more is this woman supposed to take on?!

A lot to unpack there, and therefore a lot to negotiate for an actor. Meryl of course is doing a splendid job in showcasing this tapestry of changing emotions, while at the same time getting to act within an acting role and to sing!

I came across an article last week that highlighted just how rare a character like Loretta is for someone of Meryl's age. To summarize, Loretta is not at the end of her career. She's about to embark on a brand new and promising beginning. How many characters in their 70s do we see depicted in that light? Much less women in their 70s? It's given me a better insight and appreciation for just how special this role for her is right now. 

I think that with how many episodes Meryl has been in, she might be more likely to be placed in the Guest Actor category for the Emmys at this point. Regardless of whether she's in that category or in supporting, I think she's making a strong case for herself to not only be nominated, but to win. 


  1. Even with her snack-size screen time and appearances, she's been making a meal out of the part, and I'm so pleased! I hope she meets the qualification for Supporting Actress not Guest Actress, because she ust won't beat what Jamie Lee Curtis does on The Bear season two, especially with the her current moment in the spotlight! I'm also hoping for Supporting Actress because that gives her a shot at the Globes and maybe even SAG if they submitted her there in Female Actor in a Comedy Series!

  2. Has Meryl been in 4/8 episodes so far? If she's in the final 2 then she's Supporting. What happens if it's 5/5?

    1. I haven't looked it up again but I think I remember reading that you had to be in less than half the episodes. So since 5/5 is half she'd be supporting?

  3. IMDB lists her in the last 2 episodes!- Jamie

  4. I’m happy that Meryl and Linda Emond got to have a nice scene together.