Thursday, February 16, 2023

Trailer released for "Extrapolations"

Apple TV+ has released a trailer for their upcoming anthology series, Extrapolations.

First reaction I had of course was Meryl was barely in it. And just at the end. She looked potentially like someone who might be ill or dying, talking to Sienna Miller's character, who plays her daughter. With a cast this big, it's hard to showcase any one person too much, but several other characters had more time than Meryl, which seems to confirm my suspicions that she won't be in this a lot. And that's OK. She's likely more involved because of the concept of the show's focus on the potential catastrophic consequences of unchecked climate change, versus being super drawn to the character on the page itself. But who knows, maybe we'll see more of her than I'm expecting. 

The rest of the trailer I thought looked pretty good. It looks like the show has a really high production value, and it's a very timely and important topic to be showcasing. Couldn't ask for a better cast, so I expect the performances to be outstanding as well. 

Extrapolations debuts on Friday, March 17 with its first three episodes. The remaining five will air weekly following that. 


  1. They had to show everyone in the trailer so her being shown only once doesn’t mean much, the fact she’s credited first is what’s important as she wouldn’t be if her part was small, otherwise she would be the “and” part.

    1. I'm not so sure. I doubt that anyone's part in this series is "big" based on how many people are in it. If everyone's part is relatively small over the course of eight episodes, they're going to put the biggest names at the top of the billing, regardless of whether their part is "biggest." But I hope I'm wrong and that Meryl ends up having substantial screen time!

    2. There was an interview article with Scott Burns about it and he was definitely suggesting some actors have bigger parts than others, also on the Apple TV press site all the photos have notes of what episodes they are from and the one with Sienna says episode one while the Meryl photo is Episode 2, and since they are mother and daughter that suggests they are both at least in the first 2 episodes if not more. So again, we shouldn’t be so hasty as to jump to any conclusions.