Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Looks like no Ari Aster film for Meryl

Not the kind of news I want to see on Meryl's birthday! I'm always sad to learn that fun-sounding projects she's rumored for turn out not to include her. Deadline reported some casting news for Ari Aster's film with Joaquin Phoenix, Disappointment Blvd., and Streep's name was nowhere to be found. Patti LuPone is listed as co-starring, so there's a very strong possibility that the role for which Meryl's name was floated had gone to her instead. 

It's too bad. Would've loved to see Meryl work alongside Phoenix. And Aster would likely be a departure in tone from a lot of the stuff we usually see Meryl in. Maybe she couldn't do this because she's actually going to be too busy filming Babylon or Places, Please. Either way, hopefully we get official word that she's shooting something very soon. 

Happy 72nd, Meryl! 

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  1. Maybe Amy Ryan got the role. I wanna see Meryl and Goldie reunion in a dark comedy movie about Granny Serial Killers who took in homeless men and killed em for insurance.