Tuesday, January 12, 2021

First 'clip' of "Don't Look Up"

Deadline reported this morning that Netflix is set to release a whopping seventy films in 2021. While I'm excited for that prospect as a Netflix subscriber, I'm more interested in the fact that one of their likely most hyped will be Adam McKay's comedy, Don't Look Up. Meryl of course will play the president of the United States in this movie, who has to deal with prospect of warning (or not warning) the American people that a meteor is on a deadly course to collide with Earth. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are the two leads in the film, portraying the two scientists who discover the meteor. But there's already some buzz, based on the script, that Meryl's role being the most "baity" in regard to depth and awards attention. It's always fun to speculate on the likelihood of her being in the conversation come this time next year. Filming is currently underway in the Boston area. 

If you skip ahead to 2:14, you'll be able to see a little glimpse of Jennifer and Leo in the film. The fact that they include this clip at the very end of the video, separate from all the rest, suggests it's going to be a big push for Netflix. With these two, Meryl, Cate Blanchett, and Timothée Chalamet all on board, how could they not?

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