Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Netflix commits to distributing "The Laundromat," Schwimmer added to cast

Deadline is reporting that Netflix has committed to financing and releasing director Steven Soderbergh's The Laundromat. Meryl of course has been attached to the film since this spring. By latest accounts her character is one of the individuals whose life savings get squandered by illegal finance networks in Panama. David Schwimmer, of Friends fame, will have a role as an attorney representing a phony insurance company.

What's interesting in the article from Deadline is that among the names listed in leaked documents of possible wealthy individuals involved (other than our dumpy president) was Emma Watson. She is currently on the set of Little Women, another film in which Meryl is concurrently involved. I wonder if that's awkward at all...probably not, as we don't know what Watson's name being mentioned really even means.

Filming for The Laundromat is apparently scheduled in Miami from Oct 15-Dec 11.

David Schwimmer


  1. I'd hoped after reading Meryl's open letter that she would be playing the slain journalist Daphne Caruana Glaizia. Incredible story, very brave woman.

    1. Agreed! I feel like it would be the more interesting character. This is seeming more like a situation where Meryl likes the project and wants to be part of it, rather than really being drawn to the character. Reminds me of Lions for Lambs or Rendition. Of course I hope Laundromat is a better movie and that Meryl has more to do, but it's the feeling I'm getting.

  2. Me too, I feel the same. I see nothing else on the horizon at the moment

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