Thursday, August 20, 2015

Streep to be recognized by BAFTA-LA

What the hell is BAFTA-LA?!  Well, apparently the British Academy of Film and Television Arts-Los Angeles is a thing.  And they're awarding Meryl a sort of lifetime achievement award, specifically the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in film.  The event is to be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 30 in Los Angeles.  I'm not sure if it'll be televised or lives streamed, but rest assured that I'll be tuning in however possible.



  1. I looked this up and given the past recipients it's a bit rubbish. Meryl shouldn't even bother attending since they snubbed her last two performances and it's criminal she only has two wins when others have six or seven.

    Haha, maybe they will honour her for Florence since it was filmed here in the UK. Hmm. Well it didn't work for Into The Woods :-(

    I keep waiting for either Golden Globe or BAFTA to give her the proper life achievement award but since she's still so active I think they are delaying it.

    1. Yeah, certainly not a prestigious award. Totally agree on Cecil B. DeMille for Golden Globes, as well that she's still so active and in the spotlight. It might be a while before we see her get that.

  2. She should have won for A Cry in the Dark if it had been released here. It was also not a strong year...