Thursday, March 28, 2013

James Spader joins "The Homesman"

Well it looks like the rumors were correct.  The Hollywood Reporter released an article announcing that Spader will be joining the cast of The Homesman.  Of course, we still don't really know who the hell is playing whom.  IMDb has updated their page to include a larger cast list (no Spader yet), which includes John Lithgow and no longer includes Miranda Otto.  Here's where we stand now:

Tommy Lee Jones: George Briggs
Hilary Swank: Mary Bee Cuddy ("the homesman")
Meryl Streep: crazy woman #1?
Grace Gummer: crazy woman #2?
Sonja Richter: crazy woman #3?
Caroline Lagerfeldt: crazy woman #4?

James Spader: a swindler(?)
John Lithgow: ?
Tim Blake Nelson: ?
Barry Corbin: ?

I guess I just need to read the damn book and decide for myself.  Ugh.

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