Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meryl presents Viola Davis with Women in Film Award

I didn't know this was happening, but last night Meryl had the honor of presenting Viola Davis with the Women in Film Award.  Among other awards presented at the event, Davis received the "Crystal Award for Excellence in Film."  I'm assuming it's for her film work over the last year?  Meryl as presenter is fitting, as they were castmates in 2008's Doubt which landed them both Academy Award nominations.  What's more fun is that she's presenting Davis just a few months after a hotly contested Oscar race between the two actresses for their work in The Iron Lady and The Help.  Of course the rivalry was completely fabricated and perpetuated by people like myself on blogs such as this.  But it's still fun to see interaction between them after all the dust has settled.  The two women are actually friends and likely respect each other very much.  Meryl had gone on record several times during awards season saying she hoped Davis would win.  We all know how that turned out.

The two of course gushed about each other at the award presentation last night.  I liked the blurb about Davis having framed a note Meryl sent her after filming Doubt.   "Ok Meryl, I framed the card. So you can never come over to my house."  Cute.  Congratulations, Viola!

ps-You go, Lindy Chamberlain.

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