Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Meryl evangelization success story

The book The Color Purple is to Oprah Winfrey what the film Sophie's Choice is to me.  I don't go as far as Oprah did and hand out copies to strangers on the street, but I do take every opportunity to have friends or family watch it.  This film is where it began for me when it comes to all things Meryl.  Our friend Annie had shown interest in seeing it so we set up a date on Tuesday night to watch it at her place (because she's lucky enough to be allergic to cats).

I have to mention that prior to the viewing, the three of us enjoyed a bowl of pho (my first time) and then indulged ourselves in a cup of frozen yogurt from the new "Yogurt Lab."  I use the word "cup" pretty liberally, as they charge by the weight and Joe finished off an entire pound of yogurt and toppings.  It was heaven.

Annie's neighbor/friend Anne (just to make it confusing) decided to join us for her inaugural Sophie experience as well.  After a few quick rounds of Mass Effect and a disc switch from blue ray to Xbox, we were underway.  There were several comments and questions throughout the film, notably Annie during a brief intermission saying "I've forgotten that it's Meryl.  I just want to know more about Sophie."  My thoughts exactly.  Bottom line is that they were both amply impressed by the story, the film, and of course, Meryl's superb acting.

We had a nice little discussion about the film afterward, trying to get inside Sophie's head a little bit, marveling (at least I was) at Meryl's ability to negotiate all the necessary emotions throughout different points in the film and that character's life.  I think Annie and Anne understood how I could've gotten so hooked.

I hope we can do it again sometime, probably with a more recent film.  We agreed that Doubt would be a good one to try next.  Very different character and setting.  It would be fun for me to see them experience the sharp contrast.  Until then, happy Meryl watching, everybody.

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