Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Streep officially cast in "August: Osage County"

I am figuratively shitting my pants with delight at this news. It's all over the web that Meryl and Julia Roberts have been officially cast in August: Osage County, with filming likely to begin this fall. Here I was going to blog about having seen The Iron Lady for the second time, and there was a notice in my email from Meryl's forum about an update for August. So thrilled! As previously blogged ad nauseam, I've seen this play and it is amazing, so when I read a year and half ago that Meryl and Julia were "rumored" for the project, needless to say I was, well, jazzed. I cannot wait to see how this film turns out. No doubt Oscar bait from the Weinstein Company that will likely be released late 2013. Get it, grrrl.

Just a tad about Iron Lady last night. I had promised to play board games with Joe if he would see the movie with me. Rather even exchange I think. I liked the movie more the second time, probably because I've read so much bad press about it (and by press I mean pea-brain, oft mean-spirited bloggers) since the first time I saw it opening weekend. The film just isn't as bad as people would like to think it is. A masterpiece? No. And I second my original opinion that some of the transitions from present to past are predictable, but the film flowed much more nicely than I remember. Even Joe, who gives his nod of approval to precious few things (love you babe!), enjoyed the film, and Meryl's performance especially. She truly is spectacular in this role. It was nice to notice so many more nuances in her character this time around. Well-deserved of all the accolades she's receiving this year.

Which leads me to the third topic of this post (my cup runneth over!): Meryl's lifetime achievement award, or honorary Golden Bear at the the Berlin Film Festival yesterday. There was a sweet presentation by Jake Gyllenhaal, with whom Meryl starred in 2007's Rendition. I didn't realize that he and Meryl's son Henry were friends. Anyway, congratulations, Meryl. Check out the award presentation below.

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