Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"The Iron Lady" to screen in.......Beijing?

Simply Streep is reporting that The Iron Lady will be given a special screening on November 19 in Beijing, China as part of a new U.S.-China Forum on Arts and Culture. Interesting choice, considering it's a film from French and British production companies about a Brit. I guess since Meryl is American it's ok (?). If we don't get a full trailer in the U.S. before then, at least we'll have a few opinions on the actual film, apart from the already scathing reviews from a couple of right-winged boobs. End of November will be so "game on" in regard to the awards season. Critics' circle awards will be right around the corner by that point and all the major best actress contenders' films will have been at least screened, so prediction pundits will be unable to err without ample justification. Bring. It.

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